Receiving customer’s requirement Discussing the meeting schedule by skype after receiving customer’s requirement of the production

Meeting with customer Arranging and Confirming customer’s requirements and delivery date

Drawings Check the product characteristics, production specialty and measurement.

Reception Purchase and receive raw materials and packing materials etc.

Incoming Inspection Check if the received raw materials comply with the specification based on the received certificate. Inspect the visual, dimensions etc. according to the incoming inspection standard.

CNC Machining Set up and load program to CNC lathe for machining product such as turning, grooving, cutting, drilling and etc.

1st Inspection After cleaning, inspect visual, dimension, connection and etc.

Cleaning To clean up machining oil, immerse to TCE in TCE and conduct ultrasonic cleaning.

Thermal Treatment Conduct thermal treatment to enhance the product's hardness.

Grinding Grinding for blade and flute of drills.

2nd Inspection Inspect the semi-product for the following items.
- Appearance
- Outer Diameter of the blade part
- Outer Diameter of the shank part
- Flute Length
- Overall Length

Electrolytic Polishing Conduct electrolytic polishing to remove foreign substances on the product surface and polish the product.

(only for coated product)
Conduct coating for aesthetic and strengthening durability of drills and instruments.

(only for painted product)
Perform painting for easy identification of drills and instruments

Laser Marking
(only for laser marked product)
Perform laser marking for easy identification of drills and instruments.

3th Inspection In case of outsourcing laser marking, conduct incoming inspection for the status of surface treatment and foreign substances.

Final Cleaning 1. DIW + alkaline detergent ultrasonic cleaning: 20m/45 ℃
2. DIW ultrasonic cleaning: 20m/45 ℃
3. Hot-air drying

Packaging Put the final product into pouch and sealed by packaging machine. And stick the label.

Final Inspection Inspect the final product for the following items.
- Appearance
- Packaging
- Label

Storage and release of products Store or release the finished product

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